Shoshana Jedwab is a concert performer, singer/songwriter, prayer and ritual leader, hand drummer, drum circle facilitator, and sacred text teacher.

For over a quarter of a century, she has been a force of nature reconnecting people of all ages to the sweetness, power, depth and mystery of life. Through her authentic voice, beat-possessed hands, traditional scholarship, original song recordings (I Remember album, Where You Go single), skillful ritual leadership, and prize-winning creative teaching, she gives us an exquisite taste of ultimate being.  As a sacred music artist and teacher, Shoshana Jedwab is ever listening to, and sharing from, diverse contemporary cultures and the Jewish spiritual texts and practices that were lived by her ancestor scholars, tribal poets, devotional singers, and wise folk.

Shoshana is the Middle School Jewish Life Coordinator at the A.J. Heschel School and has been an award winning Jewish educator there since 1991. Shoshana regularly drums for Congregation Romemu and Kirtan Rabbi chanting events. She is the founding facilitator of the Makom Drum Circle at the JCC of Manhattan and leads Jewish-oriented drum circles nationwide. Shoshana trained in bibliodrama and Storahtelling's Maven Method and co-creates ritual experience and embodied prayer for Kohenet, Nehirim, Lab/Shul, Limmud, synagogues, Hebrew schools, healing circles, retreats and earth-based communities. Shoshana has played hand drums for artists, poets, playwrights, activists and ritualists like Debbie Friedman, Shefa Gold, Chana Rothman, Shir Yaakov, Darshan, Isabella Freedman Retreat Center, and was the composer and musician for Day Schildkret's Song of Solomon.

You do not need to own a drum or have ever drummed to enjoy the fun and excitement of a drum circle led by Shoshana Jedwab. Participants create spontaneous collages of sound and song and relax into nonverbal play with Shoshana's direction. Drumming is an interactive experience that improves health and wellbeing and helps groups rediscover their unity and shared purpose.

Shoshana Jedwab can provide a drum circle for any group or purpose, and specializes in Jewishly oriented drum circles. Shoshana transforms people’s experience of prayer and song by providing drums, shakers and skillful direction to empowered participants in Hebrew Schools, synagogues, nursing homes and celebrations.