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You do not need to own a drum or to have ever drummed to enjoy the fun and excitement of a drum circle led by Shoshana Jedwab. Participants create spontaneous collages of sound and song and relax into nonverbal play under Shoshana’s direction. Drumming is an interactive experience that improves health and wellbeing and helps groups rediscover their unity and shared purpose.   

Shoshana Jedwab can provide a drum circle for any group or purpose, and specializes in Jewishly oriented drum circles. Shoshana transforms people’s experience of prayer and song by providing drums, shakers and skillful direction to empowered participants in Hebrew Schools, synagogues, nursing homes and celebrations.

Shoshana Jedwab is also available for Hebrew Kirtan chanting programs with Rabbi Andrew Hahn. For more information about these interactive ecstatic singing programs visit KirtanRabbi.com.

I had a truly wonderful experience last evening with Shoshana at SoulSpa and then the Prayer Drumming that followed. Honestly, one of the best events at Romemu!”
— Cathy Harding, New York, NY

Institutions can hire Shoshana Jedwab for an unforgettable artist/educator-in-residence weekend in which she:

  • plays percussion and sings during Friday night prayer services
  • leads a drum-circle-prayer workshop
  • provides a Saturday night I Remember" concert
  • teaches a Torah Study class

Contact Shoshana Jedwab if you would like your group to enjoy an unforgettable drum circle experience.

That was amazing! I’d love to go back anytime it is happening!”
— Child, age 6, New York, NY

Shoshana Jedwab has provided drum circles for the following organizations:

  • Red Cross
  • American Society for Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama (ASGPP)
  • Essence Dating
  • Teva
  • Avodah: The Jewish Service Corps
  • Easton Mountain Retreat Center
  • Limmud NY
  • JCC Manhattan: Makom: The Center For Mindfulness
  • Tel Shemesh
  • Nehirim
  • Abraham Joshua Heschel School
I had the best time at Shoshana Jedwab’s drum circle tonight! Talk about catharsis... and she is really funny!
— Mallory Rubin, New York, NY