Where you go

WHERE YOU GO is a song for those insisting on compassion and inclusion in our society. This zipper-style folk song of radical compassion and love, based on the Book of Ruth, is being sung in churches of POC, marches, protests, weddings, synagogues and gatherings across the world.

An anthem for our times, “WHERE YOU GO”, like “We Shall Overcome”, seems like it was channeled from somewhere deep in our common human heart: So moving, so right on, it’s melody wanting to be sung together to strengthen, to unify, to proclaim and express our common longing for the world we yearn for.
— Ken Ross, filmmaker
WHERE YOU GO, an anthem for our days, has been released today, on the anniversary of the Muslim/refugee ban. Download it, sing it, dance to it, pray with it—let it carry you out into the streets and into the arms of community. Thank you Shoshana Jedwab for giving life to this magnificence, you are pure love.
— Janna Diamond, HIAS

Photo: Rachel Ravitz. Design: Shir Yaakov Feit